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A Wagon That Embodies the Western Ideal
At Oregon Wagon and Wheel, we employ contemporary aesthetic, focus on authentic replication and utilize traditional techniques. The Oregon Komfort Wagon embodies the spirit not only of the snug home on wheels, but of the Western ideal itself — it is both practical and efficient.

Major Components of the OK Wagon
1. The Gear Assemblies
2. The OK Wagon's Poplar Parentage
3. The Tip-Out Kerosene Carrier
4. The Stable or Dutch-style Door
5. The Hand-Forged Brake Mechanism
6. The Unique Bifold Endgate
7. The OK Wagon's Sliding Upper Door
8. The Seating and Sleeping Area

9. Tools of the Trade

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Uses for the OK Wagon
The versatile Oregon Komfort Wagon may be used for camping,display or as a studio. They can serve as an office or child's playspace. One was ordered converted to a sauna . And at a guest ranch, two OK Wagons were joined by a deck.

OK Wagon Specifications
Overall length: 11 feet
verall width: 74 inches
Overall height: 9 feet, 8 inches
Standing headroom: 6 feet, 3 inches
Seating ledge depth: 16 inches
Seating ledge to floor: 19 inches
Floor width: 42 inches
Sleeping area: 50 inches x 72 inches

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